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Our Mission

We specialize in tailor-made, sustainability-focused, off-the-beaten-track travel experiences in southern Shikoku.

Our local experts on the ground use their unrivaled network to craft itineraries for those looking to go beyond the Golden Route and travel at their own pace, in their own style. Choose Kochi Escapes for unforgettable holiday experiences in one of Japan’s most incredible regions.

​Featured Holidays


Shimanto River Source to Sea Bike Tour

The 196 km Shimanto River is one of Japan's last remaining undammed rivers, famous for its clear water, unspoilt surroundings and....


Niyodo Blue River Valley Walk

Along the Niyodo River (which glows with a cobalt blue color known as Niyodo Blue) is the Nakatsu Gorge....


Muroto Sanzan:

Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail

Follow in the footsteps of the great Kobodaishi and experience the essence of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage....


A Geological Trek Across the Dragon

A glass bottom boat takes you over a vibrant coral reef teeming with fish on the way to the geological wonderland of the Minokoshi Coast....


All Over The Shimanto

Adventure Tour​​

Known as one of Japan’s “last free-flowing rivers”, people have made a life along the 196 km Shimanto River for centuries....


Sushi Making Class

and Traditional Stay in Kochi

Try your hand at making Kochi’s kokera sushi with local women who are passionate about preserving this traditional dish for future generations...


Sushi Cooking Class

Make Inaka Sushi with a local teacher 

This is a chance for visitors of all ages to learn the art of making inaka sushi from a local Kochi resident....


Ashizuri Coast Discovery Walk and Boat Cruise

We gathered at the statue of the first Japanese man to visit the United States, John Manjiro. At 14 years old, his small fishing boat wrecked off the Ashizuri Coast and....


Shimanto Riverboat Dinner

Floating low on the water, and fitted out with springy tatami mats, a long table and zabuton cushions, Japan’s elite have always enjoyed slow meals....

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Private Spiritual Hike in Hidaka Village with a Mountain Monk

No matter who you are, once you enter deep nature, you realize you are just a fragile human being....


Shimanto River Canoe Trekking (3 Days Tour)

 Shimanto River, the longest river in western
Japan, is also said to be the most sacred place for
canoeists in Japan....


Trip through Forests and Villages by e-Bike, Riverside Road Cycling

You can make a wonderful cycling trip, leisurely running through forests and villages....


Experiencing Traditional Papermaking + Visiting Kengo Kuma’s Architectural Works

Rogier, who is a Dutchman who has fell in love with the beauty of Tosa Washi....


Clear Stream Shimanto River Sightseeing and Blacksmith Experience

A convenient set of the blacksmith experience at the workshop on the bank of the clear....

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