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Sushi Making Class

and Traditional Stay in Kochi


Try your hand at making Kochi’s kokera sushi with local women who are passionate about preserving this traditional dish for future generations in a beautifully remodeled farmhouse in Toyo Town at Kochi’s most eastern point.

Drift to sleep on a futon, enjoy the small village ambience and learn how to make kokera sushi (a special pressed sushi made for celebrations). Eat your creation for dinner, and in the morning try the kokera sushi perfectly toasted over glowing hot charcoal. Experience the scents and ambience of a small Kochi hamlet.

Dinner and breakfast are both heartedly prepared with healthy ingredients by locals. Mostly plant-based foods are beautifully presented in dishes. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available (please ask at time of booking).


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time

Please arrive by 3:00pm

Meet Location

Noneya Lodge

(2379-1 Noneotsu, Toyo Town, Aki Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)


From Kochi Station, take the JR line / Gomen-Nahari Line to Nahari Station (about 1 hour and 30 minutes). From Nahari Station, take the Tobu Kotsu Bus and get off at None Bus Stop. Pick-up and drop-off from the bus stop is available.

Details of Tour / Activity

You will stay in a renovated Japanese farmhouse in Toyo Town, at the eastern tip of Kochi Prefecture. The package includes a cooking class where you can make local dishes and traditional kokera sushi.


Kokera sushi is a specialty of Toyo Town that is served at celebrations and special events. It is made by marinating rice with yuzu juice and pressing it into sushi that is topped with vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms or carrots, giving it a bright and vivid appearance.


The cooking class starts at 3pm at Noneya Lodge. A large box of sushi rice (15kg) can make enough servings for 150 people, but for the class 1.5kg of rice will be used. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available (please ask at time of booking).


You can eat the kokera sushi you made for dinner in the evening, while at breakfast the following morning you can enjoy them grilled over the charcoal fire.


During your stay, please enjoy exploring the surrounding area. A guide can also be arranged as an optional extra. If the season is right, you may also be able to try picking yuzu citrus fruits.


Check out is by 10am.

Finish Location

Same as meeting point



All year round


1 Night, 2 Days


*Please inquire ​for the details


-Accommodation fee

-Dinner x 1, Breakfast x 1

-Kokera sushi making workshop

Tour Guide


Min./Max. participants

Min. 4 people (min 2 adults)

Max. 6 people


•For groups of 5 - 6 people , the rooms will be 4.5 mat rooms.

•Children under 5 years old are free of charge. Please note that we cannot provide meals or bedding.

•For hygiene reasons, food may not be taken out or back to the rooms.

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