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Shimanto River Canoe Trekking
(3 Days Tour)


The Shimanto River, the longest river in western Japan, is also said to be the most sacred place for canoeists in Japan, as it allows leisurely long-distance water trips in nature without being interrupted by man-made objects. In this program, you will load a Canadian canoe with tools and food for three days, and while camping in the river beach on the way, you will travel in a canoe in the depth of nature along the Shimanto River.


A staff member of Shimanto School, which organizes the canoe trekking, tweeted that it is important to spend time in a really quiet space. You are all the while in nature for three days, traveling along the river just as leaves are being flowed.


*A guide with top-class experience in canoeing and camping accompanies you.

*Your guide prepares your meal outdoors during the tour.

*Since camping equipment is included, you can easily participate by just preparing clothes.


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time

14:30 (matching the arrival at Ekawasaki Station of JR Yodo Line, of a train from the Kubokawa area. Negotiable for another time)

Meeting Place

In front of Ekawasaki Station of JR Yodo Line (Nishitosa Ekawasaki, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture)

Access to the meeting place

JR Yodo Line or Bus of Kochi Seinan Kotsu

Details of Tour / Activity

<Day 1>

Meet in front of Ekawasaki station of JR Yodo Line

A travel agent picks you up at the implementation location (Nishitosa tachibana)


Prepare a Canadian canoe, Receive lessons, Put up a tent, Have supper outdoors and then Sleep


<Day 2>

Break camp after breakfast

Start canoe trekking (about 12km)

Have lunch on the river beach, on the way

Put up a tent for camping around Nishitosa Kuchiyanai, Shimanto City

Have supper outdoors and then sleep


<Day 3>

Break camp after breakfast

Start canoe trekking (about 8km)

Have lunch on the river beach, on the way

Arrive at Kawarrako (facility for canoeing and camping)

Change clothes and cooperate in withdrawal work


We send you by taxi to a hotel in Nakamura, Shimanto City.

16:00 (approx.) Arrive at the hotel

     ~The tour closes~

18:00 (recommendable) Have supper at a pub in Nakamura, Shimanto City

Closing Place

Hotel in Nakamura, Shimanto City



March to October

Regular Holidays


Required Time

3 days


*Please inquire for the details


-A set of tools and a guide fee for canoe trekking

-A set of camping tools such as a tent

-7 meals

-Transportation into Shimanto City after ending canoe trekking

-Travel accident insurance

Tour Guide

Yes. A canoe guide accompanies you.

Min./Max. participants

Min. 4 people (Only a group with an even number of persons can participate)

Max. 6 people 


 Only an even number is allowed for the number of participants.

 Transportation expenses to the meeting place are not included.

 The length of the course, and the camping site can be changed depending on what the river is like.

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