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Private Spiritual Hike in Hidaka Village 
with a Mountain Monk


No matter who you are, once you enter deep nature, you realize you are just a fragile human being. Join in a spiritual journey in the Hidaka Village in Kochi Prefecture, with a knowledgeable monk who will offer insight into a Japan’s uniquely inclusive Shugendo folk religion. 


Shugendo began some 1300 years ago in Japan and integrates the teachings of Shinto, Buddhism and Chinese Taoism. 


Mr.Tani will guide you through the area, take you on a hike into the forest (including a stop for lunch) and guide you through the temple where he lives and practices Shugendo. 


The tour includes a unique aspect of Japan, a friendly teacher to guide your way, lovely forest and even a caving activity to Saruda Cave, said to have been where a famous ninja meditated in days long past.


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time

9:00 am

Meeting Place

Hidaka Village Tourist Information Center

(1478-9 Hongo, Hidaka Village, Takaoka Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)

Access to the meeting place

5 mins walk from Okabana Station on the JR Dosan Line (35 mins from Kochi Station)

Details of Tour / Activity

The tour begins at the Hidaka Village Tourist Information Center, where you will meet your guide, Mr. Tani, who is an active monk and Shugendo practitioner. The first part of the tour involves a walk of about 2.5km to Gokokuji Temple, where Mr. Tani is the chief monk, and takes in a scenic pond next to the Kusaka River. After a tour of the temple, you can listen to a sermon by Mr. Tani.


Next, the tour will move on to Mt. Otaki, famous since ancient times as an important mountain for Shugendo practitioners. Shugendo is a religion where followers seek enlightenment through the practice of mountain asceticism. Lunch will be taken on Mt. Otaki before the group descends back down. The total walking distance in the mountains is about 6km.


After that, you will have a chance to go caving inside Saruda Cave, where the legendary ninja Kusaka Mohei is said to have trained. Here you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you enjoy the silence and darkness. 


After exiting the cave, there is a 4km walk back to Hidaka Village Tourist Information Center. The walking distance of the entire tour is about 12km.

Closing Place

Hidaka Village Tourist Information Center



All year round

Unavailable Days

Sat. / Sun. / National Holidays 

Days that the monk has religious duties. (Please contact us for the detail.)

Required time

8 hours


*Please inquire for the details


-Guide fee


-Lunch, tea & snacks

Tour Guide


Min./Max. participants

Min. 1 person

Max. 4 people (limited to 1 group)


*Please note that the guide is an active Buddhist monk and so may have to cancel the tour after your booking has been confirmed (due to urgent Buddhist memorial service or other events). Your prior understanding is appreciated.

*You will be give a lunch box, tea, helmet and gloves upon arrival, so please pack them in your own backpack and carry them by yourself.

*The route is 12km long and includes both steep mountain paths as well as paved roads. Please wear appropriate walking shoes and clothing.

*The tour will go ahead if raining lightly, but it may be cancelled or shortened due to bad weather. The tour may also be cancelled part way through if the guide judges that it is too difficult for the safety of the participants due to their physical condition. In such a case, a refund will be made, minus any fees incurred up to that point.

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