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Niyodo Blue River Valley Walk


Along the Niyodo River (which glows with a cobalt blue color known as Niyodo Blue) is the Nakatsu Gorge, where you will find a trail dotted with statues representing the Shichifukujin, or “seven lucky gods.” Your guide will lead you along the 2.3 km path, over little bridges and by the stone gods ever deeper and higher into the river valley. Experience the beauty of the valley and the clear blue of the river, as well as the shrine that was the birthplace of Nanokawa kagura, a Shinto ceremonial dance. 


Around midday you will have a chance to rest and eat lunch in a tiny local town and finally, enjoy some craft beer made using the pure water of the Niyodo River at Blue Brew, run by the Mukai family a Japanese/American family that moved to Kochi from the United States. Your evening accommodation is at a repurposed elementary school just steps away. Perfect for nature lovers, couples and families.


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time

11:00 am

Meeting Place

Entrance to Nakatsu Gorge

(Nanokawa, Niyodogawa Town, Agawa Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)


Please use the Nakatsu Gorge car park if coming by car.

Details of Tour / Activity

Your guide will meet you at the entrance to Nakatsu Gorge. The first half of the tour involves a 2.3km hike that takes in the statues of the 7 lucky gods on the way to Uryu Falls.


Next, you will climb the mountain path up to a viewing platform and have a short rest before proceeding on to view the scenic stone pillar further along the trail. 


From here, please enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside of Niyodogawacho, such as tea plantations and buckwheat fields. Upon reaching the Shimonanokawa Community Center, you will take lunch and have time for a bathroom break.


After lunch, the tour will continue walking on towards the final destination of Shimonanosato. On the way, it will stop at Nijo Shrine, the birthplace of the Nanokawa kagura, and finally end at Mukai Craft Brewery, opposite Shimonanosato. Here you can enjoy craft beers made using the pure water of the Niyodo River, as well as from local sweet potatoes, ginger, and tea. Your guide will say goodbye to you here. After enjoying your beer, please check-in at your accommodation across the street, Shimonanosato, where you will be served dinner.

Finish location




Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


1 Night, 2 Days

Tentative Price

*Please inquire for the details


-Guide Fee

-Craft beer with local ingredients  (daily tasting set)


-Accommodation (including dinner / breakfast)

Tour Guide


Min./Max. participants

Min. 2

Max. TBD


•Please leave your luggage with your guide. They will deliver them to your hotel.

•If you have any dietary allergies or needs, please let us know at the time of reservation (note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests).

•Please use local community bus or taxi on the way back

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