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Muroto Sanzan:
Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail


Follow in the footsteps of the great Kobodaishi and experience the essence of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage.


The Ohenro, as the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage is known, defines the spirituality of Shikoku Island. The pilgrimage trail crosses much of Kochi and 16 of the 88 temples are found within the prefecture.

The Muroto Sanzan is an 11km trail that links a cluster of three pilgrimage temples (Temples #24, #25 and #26) and offers dramatic views of the Muroto Peninsular.


Muroto is dotted with places that are connected to the Buddhist monk Kukai, also known as Kobo Daishi, who, besides founding the Shingon sect of Buddhism, is also closely associated with the Ohenro. Indeed, Cape Muroto is where he is said to have trained and attained enlightenment.


During the trek your guide will teach you about the rites and how to pray at the temples along the pilgrimage. Your trail starts at Cape Muroto, continues through fields and then ends in the mountains.


The trail and lunch along the way gives you an authentic peek into the spiritual experience that makes the Ohenro pilgrimage trail so popular around the world.


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time

Please arrive at your accommodation by 6pm on the day before the tour.

Meet Place

At your inn / hotel in the Muroto area


55 mins by bus (get off at Muroto-saki Bus Stop) from Nahari Station on the Gomen-Nahari Line.

Details of Tour / Activity

This one-day walking tour allows you to experience part of Shikoku's famous 88 Temple Buddhist Pilgrimage. It involves an 11km walk from the 24th temple to the 26th temple, a nice distance to walk in one day.


On the day before the tour, please arrive at your accommodation by 6pm, have dinner, and rest up for the next day.


The tour will depart on foot from your accommodation at around 8.30am, so please have breakfast by then. Participants will be provided with a pilgrim’s surplice and bag, as well as candles and incense sticks on departure.


First you will visit the 24th temple, Hotsumisaki-ji Temple, where your guide will show you how to pray. After that, you will walk 6.4km to the 25th Temple, Shinshoji Temple. The first half of the route is mainly downhill and offers panoramic views of the western side of Muroto.


Next, there will be a break for lunch and then a 5.2km walk to the 26th Temple, Kongocho-ji. The first half of the walk is through Muroto city center, while the second half is uphill through the fields.


The tour finishes around 4:00pm at Kongochoji Temple. From here you will be driven to your accommodation (this service is limited to the east part of Kochi).


*An optional extra is to visit Fudoiwa Rock, where Kobodaishi is said to have found enlightenment.

Finish Location

Kongochoji Temple



All Year round


7 hours 30min

 (Overnight stay on the day before your tour is recommended. The accommodation fee is included.)


*Please inquire ​for the details


-Guide fee

-Pre-tour accommodation (including dinner & breakfast)

-Lunch (lunch box / tea)

-Transport from final destination to that day’s hotel (limited to the eastern Kochi area)

Tour Guide

Yes: English / Chinese (Mandarin)

Min./Max. participants

Min. 1 Person

Max. 10 people

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