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Experiencing Traditional Papermaking
+ Visiting Kengo Kuma’s
Architectural Works


Rogier, who is a Dutchman who has fell in love with the beauty of Tosa Washi, and his family have moved to Kochi. He is making Washi (traditional Japanese paper) by incorporating an artistic sense into traditional techniques, at a workshop in the forest of the headwaters of Shimanto where kouzo and mitsumata which are plants used as raw materials of Washi, are obtained. In the experience, you start by beating material and then scoop the paper pulp formed thereby onto a screen, and then sprinkle the grass and flowers around the village to your heart’s content, to make Washi. Since it takes considerable time to dry the Washi, we send it to a desired location by post several days later.


After the experience, you move to the town of Yusuhara at the fifteen minute’s reach of an automobile and then visits works of Kengo Kuma, who is now greatly successful, in the town of Yusuhara, where he has inspired as an architect (a guide document written in English is available). As an option, we recommend cycling using an e-bike rented out by Yusuhara Kumonoue Tourism Association. You can pass through a historic and old highroad, also reach a terraced paddy field lush and rustling in the wind and a restaurant with a large thatch roof, and enjoy scenic taste of Japan. 

*You can lodge on the second floor of the workshop in an excellent location which commands a mountain view like the entrance to the Himalayas (Lodging is optional and limited to three or less in one group for each day).


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time

Yusuhara Town/ 9:30, Activity location/ 10:00

Meeting Place

Yusuhara Kumonoue Tourism Association  (1426-1 Yusuhara, Yusuhara Town, Takaoka County, Kochi Prefecture)

or Kamikoya (activity location)

(1678 Otado, Yusuhara Town, Takaoka County, Kochi Prefecture)

Access to the meeting place

By public transportation: Ride the Kochi Koryo Kotsu bus from JR Susaki Station bus stop to “Yusuhara” bus stop (about 72 minutes). Then, in the town of Yusuhara, catch a taxi and ride it for 15 minutes, or rent a rental bicycle and ride it for about 50 minutes (about 10km).

By car: About 2 hours from Kochi Airport to Kamikoya.

Details of Tour / Activity

1. In the case of starting before noon

10:00  Meet at Kamikoya (activity location)

(9:30) Meet at Yusuhara Kumonoue Tourism Association and so on to move to Kamikoya, in the case where a taxi as an option is used for transportation.

(We can take you to a lodging facility)


10:00-12:00  Experience traditional Japanese papermaking at Kamikoya

12:00  Depart from Kamikoya

Have lunch individually in the town

Afternoon  Make sightseeing individually in the town with an English tour guide document (Library, Municipal office, Yusuhara Theater, etc.)

*The tourism association offers you an e-bike as a rental bicycle.

(Recommendable Course) Ryoma’s Dappan Road (Dappan means leaving his/her clan without permission in Edo era of Japan)~Senmaida (terraced paddy field)

  500 yen/bicycle

  (Deposit 1,000 yen for rental *It is returned when the bicycle is returned)

15:00 (approx.)  Closing


2. If you like to experience the tour in the afternoon, contact us for negotiation.


*Both 1. and 2. offer you lodging in Kamikoya as an option.

Closing place

Yusuhara Kumonoue Tourism Association, or Kamikoya


Recommened seasons

All year round

Regular holidays


Required time

One day


*Please inquire for the details


-    Experience of Japanese traditional papermaking (one sheet of Washi)

-    English tour guide document

-    Travel accident insurance

Guide availability

Not available

*Instead, a document serving as a tour guide is handed out.

Min./Max. participants

Min. 2

Max. 5 *Lodging at Kamikoya as an option is limited to 3 participants or less.


Lodging (one night, with breakfast) as an option: 39,000 yen (tax included) *One group for one day.

The price is for one group with three participants or less.

No meal is offered for supper.

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