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Clear Stream Shimanto River Sightseeing and Blacksmith Experience


A convenient set of the blacksmith experience at the workshop on the bank of the clear stream Shimanto River and the Shimanto River sightseeing.

You, coming all the way, can enjoy the nature of the Shimanto River by stopping at the sightseeing spots such as a low-water crossing and a sightseeing boat (houseboat) on the way from Shimanto city to the workshop located at a place taking about 30 minutes to reach by shuttle car. In the blacksmith experience, you firstly receive a brief explanation, then strike and forge red-hot iron to shape it in a form of a knife while being instructed by an instructor. The charm of the blacksmith experience is the mysterious fun that makes you feel like your mind is gradually getting into the iron that you hit over and over again. Blacksmith knife-making experience is an experience unique to Japan that is especially popular among foreign tourists. The organizer as an instructor is proficient in speaking English. He is even evaluated to the highest degree by foreigners who have experienced this tour.

*A knife to be made is a small one.

If you wish to make one as large as a kitchen knife, it takes you more time by about two hours to do so than to make a small knife.

*Your work is honed and then sent to you by post.

*For lunch, a farmer restaurant is available at a location 15 minutes’ walk away (The restaurant has a day on which it is out of service, and in such a case, we can prepare box lunch).


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time

8:20 am

Meeting Place

Hotel, etc. in Nakamura of Shimanto City where you lodge

(designate it when you apply)

Access to the meeting place

*Access to Nakamura, Shimanto City

 About 2 hours from Kochi station to Nakamura station, in a JR limited express train

 About one hour from Shimantocho-Chuo IC on Kochi Expressway through National Route 56, in an automobile

 About 2 hours and 15 minutes from Kochi Airport, in a rental car, etc

Details of Tour / Activity

8:20  A taxi picks you up at the hotel

8:40  Strolling on Takase Chinkabashi (submersible bridge)  *15 minutes

9:00  Boarding a houseboat on Shimanto

         River  *45 minutes

10:10  Arriving at Kurogane Workshop

           Blacksmith Experience

12:45  Each participant has lunch

14:00  Afternoon work of Blacksmith


17:00  Closing

          We send you by taxi to the hotel

17:40  Arriving at the hotel


*Finishing time depends on what a knife to be made is like.

*Shaenziri, a farmer restaurant (buffet 1,300 yen/person, set meal 1,000 yen) is irregularly run in both business day and style in order to measure against COVID-19. When you participate on a day other than the business days, prepare light meal and so on in advance before you start (We inform you of Shaenziri’s operation by the day of departure).

Closing place

Hotel in Nakamura of Shimanto City where you lodge



All year around

Regular holidays


Required time

One day


*Please inquire for the details


-    Price for experience of making a knife, and English guiding document

-    Shuttle service from the central part of Shimanto city

-    Excursion boat boarding fee

-    Travel accident insurance

Guide availability

Not available *Instead, a tour guide document is handed out.

Min./Max. participants

Min. 2 people

Max.4 people


Only one group for one day

Have lunch individually

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