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All Over The Shimanto
Adventure Tour

Known as one of Japan’s “last free-flowing rivers”, people have made a life along the 196 km Shimanto River for centuries. Enjoy this breathtaking and culturally rich environment to the fullest on this 4-day activity-packed adventure.

We start up at 1400m in the Shikoku Karst Highlands, from where the seemingly endless mountains of Shimanto present one of the most spectacular views in Shikoku.

Then, in the mountain town of Yusuhara, you will experience traditional Japanese papermaking, visit buildings designed by world-famous architect Kengo Kuma that sit in  perfect harmony with nature, explore the forest where the river originates and hike to the river's source.

The latter half of the trip is four days packed full of activities through which you can fully enjoy the natural splendor of the Shimanto River Valley. Enjoy river mountain valley views from the window of a single-car train and wonder at the scale of the Shimanto River on a guided Canadian canoe trek.

*This product is a planned and arranged trip. Requests and schedules are taken into account for deciding the price.

*Kayaking (double blade) may replace the Canadian canoe trek depending on the schedule.


Tour / Activity Overview

Meeting Time


Meeting Place

Bus stop, “Shinden” (Kitagawa, Tsuno

Town, Takaoka County, Kochi Prefecture)

Access to the meeting place

If you are coming from Kochi City, take Ashizuri 1, a JR limited express train departing from Kochi station at 9:53, and you arrive at Susaki station at 10:30.

Get on a local bus bound for Yusuhara area, departing at 10:35 at Susaki station, and after riding for about one hour, you get off at a bus stop, “Shinden.”

Details of Tour / Activity

●Day 1 (□breakfast □lunch ☑dinner)

Meeting🚙➡Tengu Highlands (Shikoku Karst)

After arriving at the Tengu Highlands, hike a karst ridge where a unique landscape spreads before you and through a forest at an altitude of 1400m above sea level. View the mountains range seen below from the top of the mountain. Lodge at a hotel and, on clear nights, enjoy a magnificent view of the starry sky free from light pollution.

●Day 2 (□breakfast □lunch ☑dinner)

Tengu Highlands🚙➡Traditional Papermaking Experience🚙➡Yusuhara Town, architectures by Kengo Kuma🚙➡Hiking in the Headwater area of Shimanto River🚙➡Stalactite Cave Exploration⇒Lodging near the Headwater (Tsuno Town)

After experiencing traditional papermaking in Yusuhara, take a stroll around the town of Yusuhara and visit its community library, designed by Kengo Kuma, the architect who designed the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. Move to the headwater area of Shimanto River by taxi after having lunch, and hike to the river's source. Walk to the hotel three kilometers after exploring the stalactite cave.

●Day 3 (□breakfast □lunch ☑dinner)

Headwater area🚙➡Iwamoto-ji Temple and an traditional house café🚙➡Take a JR local train⇒Low-water Submersible Bridge Crossing⇒Nishitosa, Shimanto City

Visit Iwamoto-ji Temple and a café in a renovated traditional house in Kubokawa Town. Ejoy a relaxed lunch. Travel from Tosa-taisho Station to Hage Station by local train. Walk from Hage station via chinkabashi (submersible bridge) to the hotel where you will stay (about 5km). *Rafting can be selected.

●Day 4 (□breakfast □lunch ☑dinner)

Shimanto River Canoe Trekking🚙➡Nakamura, Shimanto City

This is the highlight of this tour. Enjoy the Shimanto River by canoe.

Finish location

Lodging facility in Shimanto City


Recommended seasons

March to May, August to November

Regular holidays

Undecided, negotiable

Required time

3 nights and 4 days


*Please inquire for the details


-Transportation (taxi) described in the itinerary

-JR train ticket (from Tosa-taisho station to Hage station)

-Lodging for 3 nights

-3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners

-Renting a bicycle (Day 2)

-Canoeing experience (Day 4)

-Travel accident insurance

Guide availability

Attendant (English) available

*Interpreter (English) available as an option

Min./Max. participants

Min. 4

Max. Negotiable (decided on schedule)

Travel contract type

Tailor made tours


*The above price is calculated on the basis of 4 participants. The price is calculated for the schedule and participants of your application.

*Transportation expense to the meeting place is not included.

A taxi can be arranged as an option.

*Tengu Highlands sightseeing is optional.

*A route map is provided in English.

*Lodging expenses vary depending on the number of persons per room, and schedule.

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